How To: Embed a WordPress blog in your website

(This should also work for other types of blogs, not only WordPress)



I wanted to embed a WordPress blog in my personal website and be able to provide this as a feature for clients.  I researched various techniques, but was not satified with any of them.  Primarily because most of them resulted in the embeded blog looking like an entirly separate website within a scrollable window (and it required a lot of scrolling). Here were my requirements:

   - Should contain the most recent 4 or 5 articles of my blog

   - Should only show the first 100 to 500 characters of each blog entry

   - Should have links to the actual blog for those who would like to see the whole thing (and navigating

      to the actual blog should open a new window leaving the main web page in the background)

   - Should look integrated into the web page

   - Should be scrollable up and down (would prefer that you don't have to scroll left and right)


Solutions that I didn't like...

  • Embeded iFrame that contains the WordPress blog
  • Embeded iFrame containing the WordPress blog after changing the blog format to be plain with little or no header
  • Stock Market Line Graph
  • Just add a link to your blog from your website


Come see the end result!  (the blog is on the right - if you click a link, you should be able to bring up the actual blog itself)



In the near future I intend to post the entire solution with scripts and all.  If you are interested in this solution before that time, please send us an email!


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