How to: Manage Pop3 through Google

How To: Manage multiple pop3 email accounts through a single Google email account



I love using Google to manage my email.  But what is really neat is that I now manage all my non-google email accounts through my google gmail account!


Here is how I accomplish this...  Under my primary gmail account I select the "Settings" from the top right corner and then go to the "Accounts and Imports" tab.  Under "check mail using Pop3" I enter each of my other email accounts (using the same information that is used to setup Outlook or Apple Mail).  The Google gmail system collects the email from each of those other accounts into my gmail account. 


There is also an option that allows me to send email from each of those accounts (see "Send Mail As" on the same settings page).  When I compose an email, I can select the email address that I want the email to be sent "from".

You can find additional help in Googles help pages.

P.S. - I set google to leave the emails in each Pop3 account so that I can still download them to outlook.  But that means I have to remember to clean them out every now and then.  Some people prefer to have gmail remove the email from the other accounts so that the other accounts don't fill up with messages and stop working.



  • Log into using the account that you would like to use to collect all other emails
  • From the gmail configuration menu and select 'Settings'
  • Select the "Accounts and Imports" tab.
  • Under the section "Check mail using Pop3" select "Add a Pop3 mail account you own"
  • Follow the prompts and enter the email server, user ID, and password provided by your email vendor (these would be the same settings used to setup a Pop3 account in Outlook or Apple Mail).
  • Under the section "Send mail as", select "Add another email address you own"
  • Again, follow the prompts to enter the details of your Pop3 email account.
  • Repeate the above steps for each Pop3 email account that you would like to manage using your gmail account.


Send a test message to your non-google email account(s) and see if the email comes through to your gmail account.  You will notice that the email is retrieved once an hour.  You can also click 'Check mail now' to see if there are any pending message in your non-google email account.


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