How To - Add a Page to a Website



This page gives a brief description of how to add a new page to a website using the Content Managment System (CMS) provided by  There are multiple ways to add a page, but this outlines one of the simplest methods.


The general steps are as follows:

  • Login to the system using an administrator account
  • Create a link (or menu option) to access the page (even though it does not exist yet)
  • Follow the link to the page - produces a 'page not found' message.
  • Click the 'Create Page' link at the top of the window
  • Enter the tab name, page title, and page content.
  • Click Save/Close


To copy a page, you would follow these same steps to create the new page.  Then...

  •  find the page content that you want to copy,
  • open the page in the editor,
  • switch to the HTML source by clicking the 'source' button in the top left corner of the editor,
  • copy the entire page source
  • navigate to the new page and open it in the editor
  • switch to 'source'
  • paste the source
  • click save/close
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