Website Parkinglot - faq

Do you provide services beyond simple 'brochure' websites?

Yes.  We have an array of professionals that can provide many varied website solutions; online shopping, member databases, survey tools, job postings, wikis, and more.  Call one of our account representatives for more details.  They can help you sort through the varied options and plan a solution that is perfect for your needs and budget.

Why are your services so inexpensive?

We keep it simple.  We have embraced the new world of Web 2.0.  Our core system leverages the power of open source solutions.  Our methodologies leverage the creativity of a diverse team of professionals. 


Our original focus was to build affordable solutions for churches and non-profit organizations.  Now we are passing that savings on to the business world.  (... and by the way - we still want to serve the non-profits, so please call us with your organization's needs)


Why don't you have a headquarters or main phone number?

Partially - to keep our costs low.  Partially because we don't need one.  We want you to be served by a local account representative who can give you the attention and care you deserve.  All the other details can be handled by our tech team through our online connections and utilities.



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